Aliy and Allen trucked 28 dogs up to the White Mountains National Recreation Area earlier this week. The trail conditions were ideal, as was the temperature, for a long training run. The moon was out for much of the night, so they didn’t even need their headlights to see the mountains, dogs and beauty all around.

Before the teams left the trucks, all dogs were harnessed and bootied. Sleds were packed. Mushers were dressed and ready. The dogs were nearly getting bored simply waiting for the mushers. Sometimes (okay… most of the time… things just take longer than they should!)

Aliy noticed that the dogs were just sitting around and sulking because they had to wait. So, she grabbed her video camera and ‘interviewed’ the crew. For those of you that know her, you can tell that she’s had a cup or two of coffee!

Here they are ‘Ready to Roll… but waiting on their Mushers!

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  • What and awesome, well behaved crew of dogs.
    They are so lucky to have you, willing to get out on the trail, howling and running, and keeping them happy.
    Let's go!

  • Thanks so much for this "up close and personal" series of interviews with the four legged team members!!!

    Woof, woof, woof!!! SP Kennel is the very best!!!

    Note: Perhaps they were concerned that the delay involved some missing salmon snack treats?

  • I just love this blog site! Thanks for all the wonderful and informative videos. This one was just plain ol' fun -and the snow crunching was so nice to hear. No snow here in MI yet. 🙁

  • Awesome, everyone was so patient my waiting! Easier when other teams aren't around to harass them! Thanks Aliy and Allen!

  • Loved the howl together. These dogs sometimes look shy but that was one big howl. And I always, always love to see Scout's personality as Fun Police. Loved Waylon in his sweater and Mac Daddy Smackdown. It is so funny to hear all the diminutives. It is like talking to my own cat who has 100x different things we call him. It is like being in your family, hearing these pet names. Thank you.

  • Ready to roll is right! Everyone looked AWESOME!! As someone who starts her day with a double espresso, I totally get the energy… is good, dog power is supreme……and coffee is a blessing!! You go SPK!!

  • Played the video for Beemer and Viper and they are ready to go!! They recognized Aliy's voice right away. We feel snow here in PA. Temperatures in the 60's.—Tom

  • Love it! I was surprised the dogs were so calm waiting on the festivities to begin. At least until hyper-Aily got all excited and made them howl! Aily on caffeine – so darn funny!

  • Aliy at her best with her kennel family! Love to Aliy, Allen, and all the sweet pups! GO TEAMS! Laurie

  • Love, love, love it. Gotta have my caffeine too and then I take my desert dogs for a morning walk LOL. We almost thought we were in Alaska yesterday–wild wind and blowing snow–really!! Thanks SOOO much for sharing; this was great. SPK dogs may
    not know just how lucky they are but I suspect they do. Love those tails and eager eyes.C'mon Mom, lets run!!

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