Congratulations to Crystal who has won this week’s draw. Crystal is a fan of Outlaw.

Outlaw has grown in spirit and body this summer. He was a “main man” last season and promises to fill that spot again this year. He is a beautiful dog with incredible strength. Outlaw is already trying to prove that his performance last season wasn’t a fluke.

Crystal’s winner’s prize pack includes a Holiday ornament with Outlaw “Mug Shot” and other kennel goodies.

The next fan club draw is on Christmas Day! If you haven’t already won this season or if you are a new member your name will be in the next draw.

Due to popular demand, we will soon be opening the Dog Fan Club up to include the Coffee and Golden Harness Puppies so shortly you will be able to show your support for the youngest members of the family!

Watch this space!

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  • Congratulations Crystal & Outlaw. Crystal enjoy your prize pack & Outlaw enjoy your extra biscuits.

  • Big man on campus, that's Outlaw!!!

    Woof, woof, woof!!! Will Outlaw share his treats? Only if you are faster than he is!!!

  • What a noble looking and beautiful dog–you can see that shining out from inside him as well as the surface good looks. I've made the error of noting the 'girls' and the more mentioned "stars" the most but intend to go back soon and really study each individual dog. They are all special in their own unique ways. A team is not just the lead dog or the stars but the whole group as they work and pull together. And each one makes a contribution that no other can quite achieve. And the 17th dog, too . Such an honor and gift to be even on the periphery here!

  • Congratulations Crystal & Outlaw! He is one beautiful dog–you both
    are winners. Enjoy your gifts.
    Anxious for the new members of the Fan Club!


    Outlaw is filling out nicely – and as you say, he proved himself last year and watch out this year!!!

    All the best to the winners of contest #5 and to the team (s) in next weekend's T.R.D.M.A. 50-miler!!!

  • Thank you all for your wishes!
    Outlaw is a big boy! I just love him! I know he enjoyed his extra treats!
    Big Thanks out to SP Kennel for the fantastic gifts they sent me and for getting it all to me before Christmas! The ornament went on the tree as soon as I got it!
    Again Thank You!!

    From the FL girl

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