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  • Such inquisitive adorable puppies. How often do they get to play in the play pen? Thanks so much.

  • Jefe ain't called the chief for nothing!!! Woof!!!

    Thanks so very much for this video and I too express my appreciation to you puppy-time volunteers – in this video it seems the pups picked up the scent of Coffee litter, I'm guessing!!!

    Congrats again to Mom Quito for her "Golden Harness" as well as this her third (?) litter!



  • OMG I think I fell in love with Jefe….and Dancer, love that white blaze on the shoulder blade area…will help to ID you in the future! When will the 2 litters meet at a Golden Harness Coffee Break? They are all so adorable!

  • The age difference in the two litters is so clear right now but this time next year they will all be almost the same stage. They grow so darn fast. Another bunch of cuties–really hard to pick my pets here! Again thanks for sharing. All us fans are in love with 'em!

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