Wendy and Aliy took out some smaller teams on a short run several days ago. It was beautiful.

Aliy’s team was: Quito, Wedgy (in lead), Mismo(single swing), Nelson and Ginger, Scooby and Ernie (in wheel).
Wendy’s team was: Lester and Five (in lead), Rodney (single swing) and Biscuit and Nutmeg (in wheel).

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  • Sunset around 2:45….a mere 4 hours after sun up…hang in there SPK Winter Solstice is right around the corner…..gorgeous sunset as I am sure there are gorgeous sun rises….must be a magical time in Alaska! Love watching the young ones run….Wedgy looks to be doing just fine up there in lead with Queen Quito! Glad to see her back in harness as well!

  • Wonderful to see Quito back in training, setting the standard for her daughter Wedgy!!!

    And indeed, you've got sunsets that are absolutely fabulous.

    What a wonderful video – so gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Woof, woof, woof!!!

  • Mary W – Quito is training very few miles right now. She is just losing her extra "mother" weight and getting her wind back. Quito is both enjoying being in harness as well as playing with her 8 week old pups. The other dogs are running many more training miles. It is doubtful that Quito will be fit enough to race the early races. There is a very, very, very small chance that she could race in the Yukon Quest. But, Allen is not counting on her to lead his team this season. The Iditarod is another month down the calendar. It is possible that she could be fit enough. Time will tell.

  • Olivia is 3 weeks ahead of Quito in training. She actually went on a camp out 2 days ago. Olivia hasn't lost her extra "mother" weight since she had the 11 pups 2 years ago. The Vets on the races still ask us: "Is she pregnant?!" Poor girl – she's just a little STOUT. Anyhow – Olivia could race in an earlier mid distance race and will hopefully be fit for Iditarod. I'll do a post about the two mothers and their conditions is a few weeks, so you can stay updated.

    • Thanks so much, Aliy, for the reply. Love all the interesting nuggets of detail you share with us.

  • Oh wow! This is my first chance to see "my" Ginger running in harness! I can hardly believe the fuzzy little ball Aliy held up for us to see and told me, "Her name is Ginger" just a long year ago (Aug 10,2014) is this lovely growing dog running so proudly! Awesome! And yes,it is good to see Quito back running and I am sure she is happy to be! Thanks so very much for this.

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