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  • Aliy, the Coffee puppies are so cute and Bean is beautiful. Love that footage of her at the end. It is amazing how you can differentiate between all those puppies and dogs. Thanks for the update.

  • Thanks so very much for this charming video of what has to be a perfect litter – how adorable (or did I say that already?).

    It is so interesting to watch puppies growing up, her at the end of the year – hard to say if they are in the "shadows" of their elders. Or just providing amusement and "cover" for their hard charging, hard working, 2 and 4 legged competitive teammates?

    Either way, SP Kennel is the greatest!!!

    P.S. Congrats to Olivia and Nacho!

  • I want to play in the puppy play room too!! How fun….Bean is as cute as ever…..and I agree Barista., what's with that fan in the puppy playroom?? Must be the pups like to stay cool as they play! Thanks for sharing….we love seeing puppy videos!

  • Beautiful puppies!a couple of them have mastered the show dog stance. The perfect antidote to students returning for the first day of classes on Jan 4: We will all be tuning in to the Puppy Playroom.

  • Puppies having fun. They are so cute & precious, soon to be big racing dogs. Eagle Pack really agrees with them, they are growing so fast. Thanks so much.

  • I'm with Nessmuk – I want to be there, too! Thank you so much for sharing. What happiness in one video! Happy and healthy. What more can you ask for?

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