We’re thankful for our families and friends, our supporters and fans. And this handsome crew – they are our everything and who it’s all about…

From all of us at SP Kennel, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

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  • As I sit here taking in all the smells of Thanksgiving (mmmm….turkey) I am thankful for taking a moment and checking in on the Dog Log to see ALL my favorite SPK athletes on one awesome post! Thank You SPK for being YOU!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • It is who you are all about and thats why US FANS Support you all!
    Woof, woof Howlllling good folks!!!
    Thanks for giving us special teams to root for!
    Padee Fairbanks AK

  • I am thankful for great friends and family ( and that I managed not to burn and mess up our dinner) I am also thankful to my introduction to the iditarod many years ago and coming across SP Kennel…. Happy thanksgiving to everyone at SPKennel and everyone on the DogLog!!


  • I am thankful that the SPK continues to post updates and videos. I wonder if you realize how much joy you provide others. Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season… and especially an upcoming WINNING season. GO SPK!!!!

  • So thankful to be a part of this positive, enthusiastic community. Happy Thanksgiving to all at SP Kennel and to every dog log follower. Peace and blessings.

  • I am thankful for family and dear, dear friends and for the wonders the world still holds after seven decades. Thanks for sharing these beautiful creatures again–it brings tears to my eyes but tears of joy and awe. They are magnificent and one has to believe in a Higher Power when you see them, at rest or in action! Live long and thrive, SPK and all there. Thanks for being you.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at SP Kennel and thank you for your blog today. Keep smiling and the best of luck in the upcoming racing season.

  • Thank you so much for opening your family of four legged wonder dogs to all of us.

    You guys are my heroes.

    Woof, woof, woof!!!

    Best, and a big kiss to Chena,


  • Just had a chance to check in –Happy Thanksgiving to all. Have the sponsor packets been mailed? I still have not received mine. Is Tinder okay? Hope all is well in Two Rivers.

  • Thanks for taking time to share this knowing you are busy with the pups every day of the year, no days off but it is rewarding look king at all of those furry faces that love you back.

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