We have had a few snow falls in the last week and the trails are shaping up nicely. So much so, that we took several teams to the east of the kennel towards the first Yukon Quest Checkpoint. No one, except for the occasional fox or snowshoe hair, had been over the far side of the trail.

LOOKING WEST – No sign of the YQ trail!; LOOKING EAST – Chris and Wes rest the dogs.

Kodiak and Junior were the first dogs over this portion of Yukon Quest trail. The sibling duo laid down a very nice route that now all dog teams will follow for the remainder of the season.
That being said… it’s nice to start the season being the FIRST place dog team on the Yukon Quest trail. We like that! We just need to keep it up until February 15th!

Kodiak and Junior pose for the camera while Mismo and Izzy take a break; Nacho and Cayenne and ready to go; Torch and Nomex are next; and in wheel are Wedgy and Felix (you can see Felix’s head.)

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  • I love that big smile on Kodiak's face!
    And yes, staying first on the trail till February 15, would be phenomenal!
    So excited to see you have great snow!!!

  • Wow!!!

    How mature are these guys!!!

    Love the brother and sister team leadership!!!

    You can only be first on the trail for 2016 once – and you done did it!!!

    Awesomeness personified.

    Best, woof, woof, woof,


  • SPK breaking the Yukon Quest Trail…how fitting!! Awesome post and awesome sentiment….putting the mark on the YQ!! You go Junior and Kodiak…..It would have been a 50/50 guess on Mismo or Izzy….but Felix in wheel I would have got….Torch is banging to go….love this post….helping me hone my SPK ID skills….they will come in handy in the coming months!

  • Sure nice to see all that snow. Dogs look happy and lst Oh–Yes!
    Anxious for the season and a big Thanks to all the crew of SP
    Kennel who give us fans so much joy!

  • How did I miss this one? Wow and WOW. It is a joy to see the same happy grin on Kodiak's face that I have loved through the season's on the face of his Poppa!

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