Oh. No, no, no.

You thought puppy portraits were completed and ready for viewing? HA! Not quite yet.

You know the way we say everything is challenging? Well… multiply that times 13!

The day started with the idea that we could somehow convince a 9 week old pup to stand pretty on a table. (Would the best show dog in the world stand on a table at 9 weeks?) Anyhow, Perky was our first candidate and he failed miserably. He thought the table was too high: “Yikes, scary!” and the stuffed squirrel was eatable “Hey… bring that squeaky thing back here!”

We then switched to the ground. Perhaps we could hold a puppy still while snapping a few quality shots. Nope. Creamer did her best to pose as she hung in mid air. I agree it’s a pretty shot, but a hanging puppy?!?

Perky doesn’t like the height but the squirrel looks good; Creamer ‘hangs in there’.

Then we switched to a method that we have successfully used in the past: set up a background and have a ‘puppy wrangler’ wrap up in a sheet while helping the puppy “pose”. HA!

Background READY; wrangler READY; Puppy READY!

This ‘tried and true’ method was still quite challenging! We think that some of our difficulties were due to our rookie photo assistants. These two were not as qualified as our past assistants. But they enjoyed their jobs!

In between snapping photos, Barb coaches her assistants Tig and Rambler; SMILE!

We now have 1,500 photos to go through. We are hoping that we might find ONE good one of each pup. Once we have this done, we’ll get them on the website. Promise! Here’s a few that didn’t make the cut:

Bean’s best side is up side down; Barista says “which way?”; Sanka prefers to cuddle.

Decaf likes belly rubs; Quito’s little girl kisses; Quito’s little boy likes to nuzzle.

The Coffee Pup Portraits will be posted Sunday.
The Golden Harness Pup Portraits will be posted next Sunday.

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  • Sooooooo cute. What's a puppy to do – so much loving and attention and toys!!!

    Each litter is cuter than the next – what fun!!!

    Rambler is taking his job very seriously – such a good dog!!!

    Thanks so much for 1)the surprise of two litters and their antics here in the Fall and 2)always, your devotion to fans of SP Kennel!!!



  • This is tooooo cute! Can't wait to see the finished pictures! Thanks so much for sharing with your fans!!

  • Awwww, how cute. Thanks for your dedication to get the photos done even if it involves wrapping up in the red sheets. Have fun going through the fun photos!

  • Yes – the best show dog would stand on table at nine weeks … with hands-on support under the chin and foot inducement right in front of the nose!

    Not exactly portrait material, is it?

    Cute, cute, cute, cute photos. I love this new batch of puppies.

  • Absolutely adorable and very heart warming! Wish I could steal some of those pooch kisses and cuddles. I am looking forward to the final pictures.

  • It looks like Aliy got some bonding time with the pups….time well spent! I was wondering where the puppy pictures were….Perhaps I will continue to be Puppy Picture Patient until they are Posted! Thanks for going the extra mile SPK…us fans appreciate it!

  • I just *knew* that everyone was getting tons of kisses, cuddles, snuggles and lovey hugs. That is what makes these dogs and their owners such champs. Our daughter saw a little joke that was of a sled dog talking to a human and congratulating him/her for completing a marathon while asking 'did you pull a sled too'? What great pictures these are! They seem all posted to evoke a smile. Thank you.

  • The puppies are adorable. Thanks Aliy for "slaving" through 1500 photos, tough job but someone has to do it, huh? Am looking forward to seeing the portraits. I bet the "outakes" are fabulous. Thanks

  • Amazing job to get playful wiggling furballs to be still long enough for a photo shoot. Fun to learn their personalities! Thanks for sharing with us!

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