It was 20 below zero Fahrenheit today in Two Rivers. Quito’s puppies are living indoors at 30 above zero and “visiting” the chilly outdoors periodically. They are growing their fuzzy winter coats but aren’t quite up to enduring our first cold snap of the season.

We thought you might enjoy a video of the youngsters’ playtime in the big house.

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  • Awesome. Momma Q doing what a good dogie mom is supposed to be doing, hanging in the background making sure all is good. Thanks for sharing guys. It's always great to be able to follow these athletes as they mature and turn into "fearsome" competitors thanks to your extra effort to share with us! Quito is one of a kind!

  • They are very cute!!! This has to be one of the best part of having a dog kennel——PUPPIES!! Oh… the….breath!!!

  • Thanks ever so much for this adorable video – the babies are growing so fast!!!

    Quito still looks a bit tired, but she did a great job!!! Such a good Mommy!!!



  • How do you get any work done with all that cuteness going on!?!?!? i just looked back at Kosak's picture from a few weeks ago and it appears there are some puppies with his "look." I guess time will tell as they grow.

  • Playful puppies and a wonderful Mom….this is what the good stuff is made of!! Another litter for us SPK Fans to smile and follow from puppyhood to harness!! It's a wonderful life!

  • Thanks for the video, Quito is an awesome mom. The puppies are super cute and playful. The puppy with the long green toy ; it is just like one my dogs have. Must be the alien influence of Roswell, NM.

  • Quito is a good mama but I can see in her eyes that she is thinking,"Come on, it's time this was over and I got back outdoors starting to run again!!" But they are cute and look super energetic and very healthy. Awesome. Puppies are so much fun but also a lot of work! Love seeing them, though, kinda like grandkids LOL

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