It certainly turned into a dramatic day with what happened to Brent Sass – please go to the Yukon Quest website for the official information about this. It deeply affected everyone here at Braeburn to see the events unfolding.

You will see that Allen and the team left Braeburn at 3.28pm – he stayed longer than his mandatory eight hours as he wanted to spend some time with Brent. I don’t know what was said when he and Aliy visited with him just before he was transported to Whitehorse, and I won’t ask but I know that Allen wished he knew what was going on behind him. He had no way to tell and when he came in to Braeburn this morning he presumed Brent was not far behind him. He is very disappointed for Brent and his team and was fully expecting this final leg to be a head-to-head battle between them.

Allen left on the final 65-ish mile run with 11 dogs, BEEMER gets to do the final leg in the truck with us. He’s fine, just didn’t appear to be excited about going and if he’s not having fun he is better to catch up on his rest. Quito lead the team out in single lead, Schmoe and Nacho in swing, Chica and Scout behind them, Boondocks is still running with Mac, Clyde gets to run with Olivia and Biscuit and Scruggs will run in wheel. It’s quite a juggle about, just really to mix it up a bit for the final run.

Before we left the checkpoint we waited for Brent’s team to arrive. His handlers asked everyone here to give the dogs a cheer as they came in so they knew they had finished the race! They deserve their kudos for a well run race and they looked great coming in. It was quite a moving moment.

I’ll work on some video as soon as I can. We will head for the finish line to set up for the team to arrive over night and I am unsure on the internet situation there.

– Moira

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  • First off, i am glad Brent and his team are okay.Secondly, i want to say congratulations to Allen,SPK dogs and personnell on a great race! It stinks when injury takes some fire out of the race but this is the nature of sport,and life for that matter,unfortunately it is part of the human condition.SPK showed it's true class,by waiting for Brent and seeing him off for medical treament!Huzzah,to the rescue team and all the people and dogs involved with this wonderful sport!!

  • Hard to put into words, but Allen and Aliy, you are the best… yes, I second the love and respect to all … a pleasure to watch and follow. Heal well, Brent. Finish with honors, Allen!

  • I never expected that to happen 65 miles from the finish. Goes to show you how demanding on all the athletes these races really are. Please tell Allen are prayers are with Brent and thanks so much for greeting the dogs coming in. I love this sport and especially the sportsmanship and respect that you all have for each other. There is nothing you mushers wouldn't do for each other, that makes all of you real winners!!

  • A class act to stick around and cheer Brent's team coming in. They ran a heck of a race. Hope Brent is doing well and wish him the best.

    Allen and Black Team, have a good run to Whitehorse, you all have worked hard and ran an exciting race!

  • So proud of Allen and the Black team! They are running a great race! I so admire Allen, Aliy, Brent, and Hugh as well as the other mushers and know that Allen would have stopped to help had he known help was needed. Mush on to victory with a smile on your face, Allen! Prayers are going up for Brent..

  • Thank you so much. I remember the recent post where ya'll (yes, you can tell I'm south) noted that Brent's team and stopped and that was unusual.

  • thank you so much for this teary eye info. Allen and Aliy you are AWESOME people, and I am honored to know you.. Allen, yes it was a Great Race between you and Brent.. When I sat at the table, at luncheon, with the mushers, it was you and your starter, and me and Brent. Between the 2 of you, you 2 answered a lot of my questions about mushing. I know you thought I was a crazy girl from Florida… Thanks so much for telling this story about what happen at Braeburn checkpoint. I could only sit here, and imaged what was going on there. That is so AWESOME EVERYONE gave the dogs a cheer coming in. They very much deserved this Cheer for what they do. Mushers, handlers, and anyone in this sport. You people ARE AMAZING!!!!! Good Luck Allen, and Congrats Aliy on your win. See you all next year. Connie Loveall in Florida

  • Just what I would expect from SPK….as things unfolded I knew Allen would not leave until he saw Brent. As it was well said in the above comment…."Heal well Brent……Finish with honors Allen"….well put Anonymous! All my love and respect goes out to the Teams of the YQ!

  • That is really to bad about Brent. What a refreshing thing for Allen to wait to talk with Brent. That is the way sports should be. Compete but also care about those you are competing against. Instead of win at all costs. The race is not over until Allen crosses the finish. Great touch cheering for Brent's team coming into Braeburn. It is too bad Hermetic was unable to finish the race.

  • Difficult news for everybody. Who could have predicted this turn of events for the Race, for Brent and for Allen. I'm moved to near tears reading how Brent's dogs were greeted with cheers coming in. Very classy but more importantly it shows the spirit of people that loves dogs and races. Best wishes for a successful completion for Allen and the Black Team! You've earned every mile.

  • Allen is a true sportsman and shows the Yukon Quest spirit that is so much of this race. So sorry to have Brent out of the race on an injury and I know Allen feels the same. It would have been fun to see them racing to the end. Congratulations to Allen and Aliy for great finishes in this year's Quest runs.

  • Ditto to everything said above.

    Especially touching to have thought to cheer for Brent's team as they came to the end of their race!

    And Beemer should be proud he ran in wheel with Biscuit, master of that position!

    Best to all,


  • Just found this on ADN website:

    This is the brief video of Brent's team members coming into Braeburn to cheers.


  • THANKS for the update. People ask why I love mushing; this is the perfect example. Such great sportsmanship and concern for fellow mushers. safe travels Allen and all the racers, prayers for Brent's speedy recovery.

  • Wow–Thanks for the love and respect shown to brent and his team of puppies–I've not known any other sport that is like this one. My tears flowed as I read this update and could just hear the cheering for the team. You guys ALL rock! My prayers are with both Brent and Allen. It's a well earned win–but with a heavy heart for a friend.

  • Well, it was 2006 in the YQ300, in Brent's first race ever, when he and I were duking it out, with me driving a bunch of awesome SP Kennel Dogs, when we both got caught in a blizzard and Brent helped get me to safety (and later the Alaska National Guard got those SP Kennel dogs to safety!). Prayers with him — I hope everything is OK with him. A great guy.

    Randy Chappel

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