For these next two “Aliy Cam” videos, we’re going to take you back to the early days of the Iditarod and spotlight a couple of contrasts.

The first is the weather and trail conditions. You’ve already seen that the race started on a bright, clear, calm day, and ended with a few bitter cold, windy days. In between, there were a few days of very heavy snow and frequent “white out” conditions. Most of the trail that you’ve seen so far has also been pretty flat and open. You’re about to see something very different on both counts.

Second, we want to show you the contrast between “passing through” a checkpoint and “pulling in to stay” at one. The former is exhibited in this “Aliy Cam” video of “passing through” Finger Lake. The latter will follow in the next video… Stay tuned!

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  • Gotta admire her when she keeps losing sight of ChaCha and the front of the group. Mac, these are great shots. I cannot express my appreciation enough for your work and innovation that allows us to get some small idea of what Mushers go through.

  • that was by far the most beautiful landscape i have seen in any of the clips so far, breathtaking!

  • I was beautiful there! This video must have been before the camera mount became a casulty…lol. Sindy

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